Shipwreck Charts

Oregon Shipwreck Chart 4 covers the area from Cape Blanco, OR south to Trinidad Head, CA and has 177 shipwrecks shown.

Oregon Shipwreck Chart 1a covers the Columbia river entrance, both Oregon & Washington prior to 1900. 156 shipwrecks are shown.

Oregon Shipwreck Chart 5 covers the area from Astoria, OR, east on the Columbia river, including Willamette River and its tributaries and has 408 shipwrecks shown.

Oregon Shipwreck Chart 3 covers that part of the Oregon Coast from Horsefall Beach, (north of Coos Bay), south to Humbug Mountain, (below Port Orford). 230 shipwrecks are shown.

Oregon Shipwreck Chart 2 covers that area of the Oregon Coast from Ten Mile Lakes (below Reedsport) to Clatsop Spit on the Columbia River. 315 shipwrecks are shown.

All but a few of the shipwrecks are identified with the following historical information noted:

Vessel Name
Date of shipwreck
Cause of shipwreck
Vessel Loss
Vessel Type
Vessel size
Number of Masts
Lives Lost
References for the information
  [dive  Dive sites
The top portion of the charts have drawings of most vessel types listed. The chart will show the locations of the wrecks and indicates if they are dive-able. Lighthouses in that area are also indicated. The Charts are sized at 18" X  24" and are in full color.

Cost of one Chart is $25.00 and $7.00 S/H
They are laminated for quick display or unlaminated for framing. Unlaminated is shipped in a plastic tube.