About the Artist

A steady hand, patience, painstaking research and attention to detail: these qualities characterize Ned’s art. “I’ve been drawing since I was able to sharpen a pencil,” says Ned, “and I never leave home without a sketch pad.” Many of those sketches have been the inspiration behind his highly detailed fine-line pencil and pen & ink drawings. He currently produces a line of note cards, prints, and original pieces showcasing ships, trains and lighthouses, which display his talent for exquisite detail.

Retiring in the mid-80’s, Ned was able to devote full time to his art and cartography and has produced highly visible work. He drew the designs for the City of Bandon’s Centennial plate, coin, and spoon and was hired by the City of Bandon to produce maps for its Comprehensive Plan. He researched and drew 22 maps detailing the changes to Bandon’s harbor and Coquille River mouth for the Port of Bandon. Expanding into computer graphics, Ned has produced numerous pieces of commercial work, including brochures and finely-detailed maps of the local communities and harbors.